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The Cathedral of Winged Epiphany

A Collective Tribute to the Grace of the Mind

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Gabriel's Shadow

A personal theory of mine is that each human walking the Earth in flesh has a pair of hypothetical wings of their very own, much the way an angel or a fairy would. We are born with no memory of what our personal pair of wings looks like or what properties they may imbue us with, and it is our purpose in life to find out.

A person becomes aware of his or her wings in a number of ways. He can find himself... or find his calling in life. He can discover what it is he truly believes in. His eyes can open and show him for the first time what has always been in shadow. One can find one's wings on his own... or with the help of another. It doesn't matter how the thing is accomplished, but it must be done if we are ever to leave terra and fly. This community is a project born of that concept.

What May One Post Here

Really anything goes... posts may consist of, but are not limited to, the following....

• Personal epiphanies.... especially those that have to do with finding yourself or seeing beyond the veil.

• Thoughts or musings in any form as they relate to this concept.

• Dreams that strike you as important or meaningful in some way.

• Creative writing or poetry that fits in with the general concept of the community.

• Photos or artwork that fit in with the general concept of the community.

• Short excerpts from songs, books, poems, or movies that have touched you in some way, and fit the theme.

Community Rules

There aren't many, but a few ground rules are always necessary nevertheless.

• Total respect is absolutely necessary here. No one is saying you have to agree with everything someone posts, but you do have to respect it. Anyone who harrasses, or treats anyone else here in a derogatory manner will be kicked out.

• If your post is very long, please hide a decent portion of it behind an LJ cut.

• If your post contains multiple images, please hide all but the first one behind a cut as well.

• Please keep all entries public with comments enabled. The whole point of this community is to share thoughts and ideas in a public forum and be open to the possibility of discussion.

That's about it, all. Should you elect to join, please post a little bit about yourself so we can all get to know you. Have fun.... and blessed be.