Tits McGee (cat_the_knife) wrote in gabriels_shadow,
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Perfect Concentric Circles

You would think that with aspects of your life that hold great significance, you would never forget the beginning.... the point at which you clicked over from that to this. Not so. The more at home you feel in your new skin, the harder it is to remember when you put it on in the first place.

Just out of my sight.... over there on the left... I saw your shadow for just a split second and I heard it breathing.

In pondering why exactly that is, I begin to feel that perhaps there are no beginnings with these things. Perhaps these are the things that always were.... breathing quietly there in our blind spots just waiting to be born. Why else would I remember the day but not the beginning?

Do you really think these things just happen.... that ivy grows in perfect concentric circles by sheer force of will?

At times here on this journey, I feel like I am going to Oz more for the journey than the destination. I feel like there may be something I feel I need, but am somehow going to find that I had with me all along when I finally get where I'm going.

I let you walk behind me and pick up the feathers that fall from my broken wings because I know you will use them to make something beautiful.
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