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Love as a Drug or A Fiend for Hire

By Dan Snodgrass

I'm itchin' for a taste,
Can't keep my mind off the beast.

I get a hit from the caress of your lips.
I get my fix for less than Smack or Cocaine.

It's faster than speed....trippier than LSD. More
Than Wolfe's Kool-Aid Acid Test

It's you,
You're Mine!
All Mine, my drug!

Your touch makes me shiver...to look at you makes me


Can't keep my mind off you, Babe.....Can't Keep my mind off the Beast

Cause I'm itchin' for a taste of your love....


I Talked to a Friend Today

He said nu uh
I said I did
He asked me if I meant it
I said I did
He asked me what it felt like
I told him Electric
He asked how much it cost
I told him Less than a Penny, but more than a lifetime
He said nothing in life is free
I said If you look in the right place it is.



I sat with the stars tonight

They told me their secrets.

The thoughts no one has had...

The mysteries left unsolved...

They told me they loved me.

They filled my head with lies.

I sat with the Buddha and he said,

"if you speak and act with a polluted mind,

Suffering will follow you, as the wheels

Follow the footsteps of the Ox,

If you speak and act with a pure mind,

Happiness will follow you, as a shadow clings to a form."

I walked away satisfied, but empty.

I went and sat with Rilke and

He gave me food and drink.

He said, "One earthly thing

Truly experienced is enough

For a lifetime."

I thought and moved onward.

I stood at the temple steps

Afraid to walk up when a man

Approached me with a novelty T-shirt

That read, " A painting of a rice cake

Does not satisfy hunger."

I climbed the mountainous steps,

Burnt by the thoughts in my mind.

Thinking, "Must it be? It must be."

As Beethoven.

I nearly fainted saying," I can't go on,

You must go on, I'll go on." As Beckett.

Thinking that this is the answer to the age old question

"When the many are reduced to one,

To what is the one reduced?"

I reached the throne and there sat a man whose

Crown and Robes were drenched in Blood

He said, "Lift the stone and you will find Me:

Cleave the wood and I am there."

I walked with GOD in the fields of eternity

"Consider the lillies of the field," He told me.

"How they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin;

And Yet I say unto you, that even Solomon in all

His glory was not arrayed like one of these."

And I found peace in the House of the Father.
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